Redistricting General Information

Redistricting General Information When do we redistrict?   Redistricting occurs after every decennial census.  Citizens are encouraged to particiapte in the redistricting process by attending meetings, voicing their concerns and/or ideas, and submitting maps, comments and/or plan ideas.   Why do we redistrict?    The US Constitution, under the principle of "one person, one vote" requires districts from which representatives are elected from be substantially equal in total census population. As the population changes with each census, the new population statistics determine the the extent to which the council districts must be adjusted to meet the principle of one person, one vote.    Redistricting Principles for Clarendon County Council (Adopted by County Council August 8, 2011)   1. Adherence to the court ordered constitutional requirement of one person, one vote      a. County Councils must adhere to a state law of population variance under 10% 2. Adherence to the 1965 Voting Rights Act as Amended and by controlling court decisions 3. Ensure that parts of the districts are contiguous 4. Respect Communites of Interest 5. Attempt to maintain constituent consistency 6. Avoid splitting voting precints 7. Solicit public input