2014 County Resolutions


Download this file (Mitigation Resolution 2014.pdf)Resolution[Mitigation Resolution 2014]
Download this file (Resolution 2014-01.pdf)Resolution 2014-01.pdf[Confirming property located in Clarendon County]
Download this file (Resolution 2014-02.pdf)Resolution 2014-02.pdf[Confirming the Inclusion on Real Property]
Download this file (Resolution 2014-03.pdf)Resolution 2014-03.pdf[Inducement Resolution - Fee In Lieu of Taxes for Kent Mfg.]
Download this file (Resolution 2014-04.pdf)Resolution 2014-04.pdf[Authorizing BDC to acquire a Loan from Santee Cooper]
Download this file (Resolution 2014-05.pdf)Resolution 2014-05[Fair Housing Resolution]
Download this file (Resolution 2014-06.pdf)Resolution 2014-06[Honoring Olivia McConnell]
Download this file (Resolution 2014-07.pdf)Resolution 2014-07[Mutual Aid Agreement - CC Sherriff's Office and Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office]
Download this file (Resolution 2014-09.pdf)Resolution 2014-09[Inducement Resolution for Project Peak]
Download this file (Resolution 2014-10.pdf)Resolution 2014-10[Execution of a PT-444 for Project Peak]
Download this file (Resolution 2014-11.pdf)Resolution 2014-11[A Resolution to Amend the Clarendon County Employee Guidelines Manual]
Download this file (Withdrawal from Lake Marion Regional Water Agency.pdf)Resolution[Withdrawing as a member of the Lake Marion Regional Water Agency]