2012 County Resolutions


Download this file (3Palm of SC, LLC.pdf)3Palm of SC, LLC.pdf[Resolution for 3 Palm of SC, LLC]
Download this file (Community Facility Grant Resolution.pdf)Community Facility Grant Resolution.pdf[USDA - Rural Development Grant]
Download this file (Resolution 2012-02.pdf)Resolution 2012-02.pdf[Purchase and Develop Real Property]
Download this file (Resolution 2012-04.pdf)Resolution 2012-04.pdf[Multi-Jurisdictional Agreement]
Download this file (Resolution 2012-06.pdf)Resolution 2012-06.pdf[Fair Housing Resolution]
Download this file (Resolution 2012-07.pdf)Resolution 2012-07.pdf[Authorizing CC to Purchase Real Property]
Download this file (Resolution 2012-08.pdf)Resolution 2012-08.pdf[Honoring Lt. Clinton Rawlinson]
Download this file (Resolution 2012-09.pdf)Resolution 2012-09.pdf[Authorizing the Assignment of a Promissory Note]
Download this file (Resolution 2012-10.pdf)Resolution 2012-10.pdf[Declaring Jim Darby Day in Clarendon County]
Download this file (Resoluton 2012-11.pdf)Resoluton 2012-11.pdf[Authorizing for an Installment Purchase Plan of Finance]