Finance Department

Contact Information:

Lynden Anthony, CFO

Clarendon County Administration Building

411 Sunset Dr.

Manning, SC 29102

Phone: 803-433-3228

Fax: 803-435-8258

General Information

The responsibilities of the Finance Department include the supervision, coordination, and administration of major financial affairs including accounting, payroll, budgeting, financial reporting, and fixed assets.

CFO's Office

The Controller’s Office maintains the fiscal integrity of the county’s financial records.  This Office reports the results of the County’s operations and changes in its financial position to various interested parties, such as state and federal grantors and regulatory agencies, financial markets, investors and concerned taxpayers.  Functions include accounting, payroll, budgeting, internal and external audits, accounts payable, accounts receivable (excluding ad valorem taxes), and risk management.

Finance Department Organizational Chart

ARPA Community Grant Documents

Accounts Payable Activity

Financial Reports and Audits

County Budget