Detainee Housing Assignments

After orientation and classification, detainees are assigned to one of several housing units. Housing assignments are determined based on the following objective criteria:

  • Type of criminal charges
  • Criminal history
  • Circumstances of arrest
  • Current and past behavior
  • Suitability for assignment
  • Pre-trial or Sentenced status

Release of Detainee Property

Personal property can be released to family or friends with a written authorization from an inmate. Property may be picked up between the hours of 8:30 am through 4:30 pm Mon. – Fri. unless other arrangements are approved.

Making Deposits to a Detainees Account

Family and friends of detainees housed at the Clarendon County Detention Center are able to deposit funds into a detainee’s account Monday through Friday, excluding government holidays, between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:30 pm   at the lobby window in the main entrance. We only accept US Postal money orders. Deposits will be available immediately once entered into the automated system, barring no unforeseen circumstances.

Deposits may also be sent by mail. The US Postal money order must be filled out with the inmate’s full name and must also list the full name and address of the sender. Money orders are processed and entered into the detainee’s account upon receipt. The detainee is issued a receipt for each transaction.

Important: Any monies deposited will be subject to the normal collections for debts owed to the detention center by the detainee (INCLUDING BOND MONEY)

Detainee Visits and Visitor Information

Pre-approved individuals may visit a detainee once or twice a week (depending on housing status) for 30 minutes per visit. Detainees fill out a visitation list with up to ten individuals on it before visits are allowed. A detainee may be in custody up to 3 days before visits are authorized due to processing, orientation, and classification requirements. Those not included on the visitation list will not be allowed to visit. Visitors on the detainees approved list must call to schedule an appointment during normal business hours by calling (803) 435-0364 and speaking to a Clerk. Visit space is limited. Visits are conducted remotely via a video-visitation system and are subject to visual and audio monitoring by staff.

  • Visitors must arrive and notify staff they are present at their scheduled time or risk being turned away.
  • Inmates are permitted no more than three visitors at a time.
  • Adult visitors must present photo identification. Acceptable forms of identification include driver's license, military identification, passport or state-issued ID card.
  • All visitors and their property are subject to pat and/or visual search. Refusal to comply with a search request is grounds for denial of visitation.
  • No personal property is allowed in the visitation area.
  • The detention center will not hold a visitor’s valuable property during visitation.
  • Weapons of any type are not permitted on the premises or anywhere in the building.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.
  • No electronic devices of any kind are permitted inside the facility.
  • No food or beverages will be permitted in the lobby or visiting areas.
  • Visitors who try to deliver contraband (unauthorized and illegal items) into the facility will be subject to arrest.
  • Visitors must wear appropriate clothing. Visitors who wear suggestive or inflammatory clothing, transparent fabric, short-shorts or mini-skirts will not be granted access.
  • Visitors under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Proper behavior is required of visitors at all times.

Visitors may be denied visitation privileges for any of the following reasons: not arriving on time; not on the inmate's approved visitation list; violating the facility rules; disruptive behavior; the visitor is suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol; insufficient space for visitation; visitation would place the visitor's health at risk, or facility safety or security concerns.

Official Visitors

Official visitors (attorneys, clergy etc.) must present a proper picture ID and proper professional identification prior to a visit.  Official visitors may visit any day of the week between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., or by appointment.  However, official visits will not be permitted while meals are being served and during formal security counts or emergencies.

Detainee Mail

  • Detainees may write to whomever they wish as often as they wish provided they have funds to cover the cost of postage. Indigent detainees may request up to two free mailings per week.
  • Detainees may receive cards and letters that are normal in size (not exceeding 8 in. x 10 in.)
  • Detainees may receive US Postal money orders made out to their name.
  • Envelopes with clasps or padding will not be accepted. Legal mail is exempt from these restrictions.
  • A return address with the sender’s full legal name must be on the envelope.
  • Incoming mail will be delivered Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
  • All incoming mail is opened and scanned for contraband, security and safety.
  • Detainees may receive appropriate photographs that are normal in size.
  • Polaroid pictures are not permitted.
  • Books may be sent to detainees only through a book store and directly to the detainee by name.
  • Mail sent by legal representatives is opened in the presence of the detainee.
  • Do not send cash or personal checks. It will not be delivered to an detainee.
  • Mail to detainees should be addressed as follows:

Detainees Full Name (no nicknames or aliases)

Clarendon County Detention Center

P.O. Box 730

Manning, SC 29102

Detainee Telephone Services

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Once a detainee receives their housing assignment, they can contact family and friends by placing a collect call from a telephone in their living area. Family and friends must be willing to abide by the phone service provider’s terms accept the charges. Detainees may also purchase phone cards through the commissary system provided they have funds available. Detainees cannot receive incoming telephone calls.

If you wish to set-up an account to receive or pre-pay for calls, or block incoming calls, please call Securus customer service at 1-800-844-6591.

Messages are not delivered to detainees except for emergencies, such as a death or medical emergency of an immediate family member. Emergencies must be verified. In case of an emergency, call the CCDC shift supervisor at (803) 435-4030 or (803) 435-8831.

Detainee Commissary Services

Snack foods, beverages, writing paper, stamped envelopes, toiletries; undergarments and footwear are available for purchase by inmates from the commissary. Commissary orders are delivered once per week and distributed by correctional employees.

Detainee Medical Care

Medical and mental health services are provided by contract with a healthcare provider.  A physician visits the facility regularly for sick call and/or as necessary. An RN and an LPN are on duty at various periods throughout the day Monday through Friday and every other Saturday.

Detainees requiring advanced emergency care are transported to proper health care facilities as necessary. The medical staff administers prescription medication. Detainees arriving in booking with their own medication will not be administered it until it has been approved by medical staff.

Dental services are available on an as-needed urgent basis.